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Words have different meanings and connotations in different contexts. There are some words that mean more to us in our own vision. Our glossary will help you to understand what we exactly mean when we tell you about our story and when you see our products.


We use the general term ‘alternative materials’ on this website for all materials that cannot be categorised under the umbrealla of regular raw materials.Examples are alternative glues and fabrics that come from unclear resources.

P.S. We always look out for new alternatives so feel free to contact us regarding your contribution.


In our context, we refer to 'craft' as being more natural and handmade. It can be used for reconstruction of traditional crafts or it can refer to small scale, local production of products by local craftspeople.


The word custom or customization is one of the most diverse words within our glossary and can embrace many connotations. Customization is the formation -the process- of a consumer product being created solely with the purpose of focusing on specific individual characteristics and personal tastes. In terms of clothing, this may refer to the refining process of a dress originally from a store being and made to perfectly fit a single individual.


Eco Development is the transformation our processes, changing the way we currently do things into more environmentally friendly versions with different technologies or equipment. The origins of the word "ecological" comes from Greek where "eco" means home and "logos(logia)" means the study or science. In a more broader sense it refers to the relationship between living creatures and the environment they live in.


In its very basic sense, it is the design process in an environmentally friendly version.


As the word itself suggests meanings such as respectfulness, morality, principles and right vs wrong, it brings a new perspective when used in our context. In addition to its traditional values, when it comes to fashion, it also comprises protection of environment, social value and the preservation of traditional handcraft techniques.


These leftovers, as we may call them, are the ones generated by the industry which contaminates the nature, soil, air and/or water. These materials usually cannot be used for continuing production, but if not handled properly will harm the natural habitat. 


The word reclaimed is interchangeable with the word recycled. However, reclaiming, creates a sense of ownership and accomplishment to the user with the materials that are being reused. On a side note, the word reclaimed is more popular when it comes to the re-use of fabrics as new garments, which is constructed from the previous garments in very simple (non-industrial) ways.