After working several years in fast-fashion industry, in 2016 we were very frustrated with the direction of it.  Currently the fashion industry is one of the largest polluting industries globally with unfair paid employment, child and women abuse on top of it.  This is not acceptable nor sustainable.
We think brands are more than their collections and products. Brands are living advocates. We have the influence with what we do and how we do things.
Throughout our travels, we have come to a realization of the great capacity for altruism & cooperation in human nature.We survived many times by an amazing ability to engage in mutual aid and made better a world out of it.However something went terribly wrong and we found ourselves in extreme individualism and competition. To fight each other, fear and mistrust each other weakened our social bonds and grow these violent, selfish, intolerant forces between each other and most importantly to our planet. 
We believe our amazing capacity for togetherness and the sense of belonging to create stories that respects human and nature.We need to wake up from this long coma as the industries but also as individuals.